HR Analyst (MX Federal Labor Law)

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Empleo Queretaro

Rol & Responsibilities

Ensure adherence to all employer obligations of the entire workforce
Keep profiles of the workforce up to date, alligned with the Federal Labor Law
Design process controls to ensure this adherence
Ensure that all external companies that work with the organization are up to date with their employer obligations, as well as keeping all permits associated with each supplier up to date.

Technical: Tools and Skills

Bachelor degree in HR, management or related field
Minimun of 5+ years of experience of payroll activities
Extensive knowledge of the Federal Labor Law (updated with the latest reform)
Knowledge of IMSS, Infonavit profiles management
Excelent use of Office: Excel (advanced), Word, PPT..
Soft Skills

• Communication.
• Problem Solving.
• Problem Analysis.
• Teamwork.
• Negotiation.
• Tolerance.
• Responsability.
• Accountability.
• Stress management.
• Decision making.
• Self-learning.

Business Skills

• IT Methodologies and Processes.
• Metrics Analysis.
• Business Continuity Process.

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