API Management


Empleo Queretaro

Rol & Responsibilities

Define operation, technology and implementation standards
Consultants for technical problems or issues
Apply API´s in complex structures for the needs of each initiative
Implement and assemble REST and SOAP API
Secure API implementations
Configure API Management through product user interfaces
NOTE: We do not have frequent guards, but for L3 requirements may be necessary for critical launches on weekends

Technical: Tools and Skills

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.
Working knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, Linux, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, Node.js and LoopBack, HTTPS, REST, and SOAP
API Connect IBM (needs to have knowledge on this product)
Desirable knowledge on other API products such as: API G Google, API Management WSO2, etc.
IBM Certified Solution Implementer – API Connect 2018.x
Soft Skills

• Communication.
• Problem Solving.
• Problem Analysis.
• Teamwork.
• Negotiation.
• Tolerance.
• Responsability.
• Accountability.
• Stress management.
• Decision making.
• Self-learning.

Business Skills

• IT Methodologies and Processes.
• Metrics Analysis.
• Business Continuity Process.

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