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ATM Level III Support

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Empleo Queretaro

Rol & Responsibilities

Detect deviations to the registration security protocols and timely report of possible incidents.
Homologate Hardware and Software used in all Banco Santander Mexico ATM models
Generation of Images of all models of ATMs owned by Banco Santander Mexico
Recommendations for improvement opportunities based on the criticality of the findings.
Generate audit reports.

Technical: Tools and Skills

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.
• Operating Systems: Windows and Linux.
• Generation of computer images
• Active Directory.
• Management of security systems and devices: Antivirus.
• Scanning & Vulnerability management.
• Know encryption tools and generation of cryptographic keys and digital certificates.
• Scripting Linux, AWK, SED, Power Shell.
• Programming Languages C, C ++, Java and Python

Degree in Information Technology or equivalent experience
Soft Skills

• Communication.
• Problem Solving.
• Problem Analysis.
• Teamwork.
• Negotiation.
• Tolerance.
• Responsability.
• Accountability.
• Stress management.
• Decision making.
• Self-learning.

Business Skills

• IT Methodologies and Processes.
• Metrics Analysis.
• Business Continuity Process.

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