EUT Process & Compliance Senior Analyst

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Empleo Queretaro

Rol & Responsibilities

Design and Implement Self Assesment processes and Key Risk Indicators to assure that all controls and processes to manage EUT infrastructure are working properly
Perform an independient review of the execution of the EUT processes on a periodic basis
Assist operational teams in the implementation/redesing of processes and controls related to the management of EUT infrastructure
Analyze EUT infrastructure data to identify patterns or trends for improving processes or Customer Experience

Technical: Tools and Skills

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.
Experience in identifying and adressesing risk associated to the operation and use of technology.
Experience in the regulations and controls that apply to Technology Infrastructure Operations Processes in the Bank Industry

Degree in Information Technology or equivalent experience
Soft Skills

• Communication.
• Problem Solving.
• Problem Analysis.
• Teamwork.
• Negotiation.
• Tolerance.
• Responsability.
• Accountability.
• Stress management.
• Decision making.
• Self-learning.

Business Skills

• IT Methodologies and Processes.
• Metrics Analysis.
• Business Continuity Process.

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