IA/Reg/SOX Remediation Oversight

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Empleo Queretaro

Rol & Responsibilities

– Responsible of follow up remediation plans (recommendations follow up)
– Closure artifact submission; coordination of meetings with regulators / auditors (internal / external) & management (progress, closure)
– Data analysis and audit tests to confirm compliance.
– Follow up remediations plans and actions with each team and track progress.
– Auditor updates.
– Responsible for a properly accomplished of processes and company methodology.
– Raise risks and issues presented during the remediation plans execution.
– Basics: meeting minutes, project plans, risk and issue register. – Intermediate: enforce the process, and evangelize

Essential Tools and Skills

– Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.
– Experience project and program management.
– IT Audit, risk and control.
– Knowledge of web infrastructures, cloud computing and virtualization (basic).
– Knowledge of operating systems (windows server / linux / unix).
– Knowledge of Microsoft SQL, Oracle, DB2 databases, etc.
– Knowledge in Networks, Firewall, proxy, connection filtering, packet analysis, attack detection, etc. (Network and security knowledge)
– Knowledge of IT Ops, Change Management.
– Language: English (Advanced).
– 3-5 years of experience.
– Strong critical analytical thinking.

D esirable Certifications : CISA, ITIL
Soft Skills

• Communication.
• Problem Solving.
• Problem Analysis.
• Teamwork.
• Negotiation.
• Tolerance.
• Responsibility.
• Accountability.
• Stress management.
• Decision making.
• Self-learning.

Business Skills

• IT Audit Methodologies and Processes.
• Project management / follow-up.
• Coordination Across IT Landscape
•Collaborative Working Relationships (Teamwork)

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