Sr Data Engineer



About usWe are a financial technology company dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized companies in Mexico, developing and offering solutions to solve their main problems, and seeking to be the best ally of entrepreneurs with dreams and ambitions to create value, consolidate their well-being and contribute to the community, the country and the planet. The role: We are looking for a Sr Data Engineer, you will be responsible for analyzing, designing and implementing data ETL architecture, data models and information repositories for both analytical and transactional purposes. Establish agreements with the BI, Data Science, Data Mining, Security and Cloud teams that allow the optimal use of Konfio’s data assets. Guaranteeing the quality of the data and their security.” What will you be doing? Building and maintaining robust and scalable data pipelines, software and frameworksEstablish and promote the use of best practices in the development of ETLs and Data Architectures in the cloud.Lead company-wide data initiatives on data consistency and quality standards and ensure collection data assets are used correctly (in accordance with the framework).Establish agreements with the various Kofio support areas that allow us the optimal use of the resources around Konfio’s data assets.Elaborate Blue Prints of data architecture, evaluation of tools to integrate in Konfio’s technological Stack (execution of POCs and coordination of suppliers).Implementation of efficient and scalable ETL & ELT solutions.Implement controls and measures that ensure the quality and integrity of the data at all stages. Ideal candidate: 5+ years of experience in at least one major language (eg Python, Java, etc) and SQL (any variants).5+ years of industry experience and proficiency in building both real-time and batch distributed data pipelinesMore than 5 years experience on transport and API protocols such as REST or SOAP5+ years working with big data tools (eg Hadoop, Apache Spark)More than 5 years working with version control systems like GitMore than 5 years working in data modeling, data lake/warehousing and ETL processes3+ years of experience working with cloud environments and technologies (AWS, GCP, Azure) and using infrastructure as code frameworks (Terraform, Cloudformation)3+ years of experience working with streaming technologies (Kafka, Amazon Kinesis)3+ years of experience working with orchestration tools (Airflow, Ozzie, Luigi, Metaflow)More than 3 years of experience in Infrastructure as Code (Terraform) In Konfio, we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. We do not discriminate under any basis of origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, disability, age or other legal status. Konfio is an equal opportunity employer.

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